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Shpet’s reading 2009

Full text in Russian: Шпетовские чтения – 2009

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In the review are observed the basic problems, which were discussed on the conference, devoted to the Gustav Shpet 130-th anniversary (Moscow, Psychological institute, Russian Academy of Education). In the session participated V.Zinchenko, V.Aristov, O.Severtseva, M.Guseltseva, N.Podzemskaja, it was opened by Т.Martsinkovskaya. They presented papers which have been connected with a wide range of the problems reflecting various interests of the scientist: methodology, linguistics, art psychology. Also were discussed the questions related with GAHN (State academy of art sciences) were G.Shpet was vice-president.

Keywords: methodology, postmodern, culture, psychology and physiology, external and internal form, art psychology, art science, Gustav Shpet


T.Martsinkovskaya underlined that Shpet’s creativity remains actual and nowadays his works are in the focus of interest of the scientist of different countries working in different disciplines. Shpet’s ideas about ways of development of psychology get new sounding in epoch of postmodernism and constructionism. Developing the theme of G.Shpet’s methodological works associated with the modern psychology M.Guseltseva focused attention at the fact that in G.Shpet's heritage were set in ideas of interdisciplinary and cultural-psychological knowledge. V.Zinchenko spoke about Shpet’s attitude to interrelations between psychology, philosophy and natural sciences. V.Zinchenko also mentioned a question about logicality and objectivity of psychology as the science, agreeing with G. Shpet's opinion that language, as well as logic, should become universal method of research in the majority of sciences, not only humanitarian, but also natural as it gives the chance to open laws of explanation and understanding of the world.

V.Aristov’s presentation was devoted to G.Shpet’s work in MHT, he presented interesting archival materials opening G.Shpet’s plans on creation in 1930th years academy MHT, conceived in analogy to academy of art sciences (GAHN). In this report G.Shpet appeared not only as the philosopher, but also as the writer, the translator, the historian, the theatre researcher, who participated in theatrical process in interaction with leading art directors of that time. V.Aristov also underlined that for modern poetics the mutual relation of internal and external forms sees as one of the pivotal.

T.Martsinkovskaya in discussion about G.Shpet's interest to art, spoke about methodological base of his esthetics works, because his ideas about culture as a main fact of person’s formation opens ways for research of process of socialization in modern changeable and ambiguous world which multiplies bifurcation points in personal development and stimulates the appearance of multi personal identity in different situations and different groups.

N.Podzemskaya in her presentation spoke about G.Shpet’s work in GAHN underlined importance for him and for Academy the work devoted to creations of humanitarian knowledge methodology and the art science. In this connection she has told about work of the section of spatial arts, giving particular attention to the work of D.Nedovich «Problems of art study. Theory of spatial arts» in which necessity of creation art science, as the existing dialogue including polemic and cooperation was underlined.

The report of O.Severtseva was focused on the destinies of the scientists working in Academy. She has underlined tragedy of their life, and the fact that they were unable to realize their possibilities, their works.

Therefore it is so important today not only to remember names of these scientists and, first of all, of course, G.Shpet, but also to continue their researches, enriching them with new knowledge and new contemporary methodology.

Available online 26 april 2009

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