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Ivanchenko S.N. Transgender people, gender identity and gender stereotypes


Full text in Russian: Иванченко С.Н. Трансгендерность, гендерная идентичность и гендерные стереотипы
Institute for Social and Political Psychology, Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Issues of gender identity development in transgender people and social factors role are considered; gender identity model in cross-gender perspective is discussed. Some findings of the Transgender Research Project in Ukraine are presented. The findings suggest that "search for identity" in transgender personality faces negative reaction of social surrounding due to experimenting with gender affiliation. As a result, many transgenders have to live a double life; and for those who want to live in chosen gender there is just only one way out – surgical correction which is complicated by a number of bureaucratic and legal obstacles.

Keywords: gender identity, transgender personality, gender stereotypes, multidimensional gender model, cross-gender perspective


The study was done by “Insight” NGO and supported by the “Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice” and ILGA-Europe, “Human Rights Violations Documentation Fund".

Cyrillic letters are transliterated according to BSI standards. The titles are given in author’s translation [in square brackets].

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Received 15 October 2009. Available online 29 December 2009.

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Ivanchenko Svetlana N. Ph.D. in Psychology, M.A. in Gender Studies, Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory for Social Psychological Technologies, Institute for Social and Political Psychology, ul. Andriivska 15, 04070 Кyiv, Ukraine.
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Ivanchenko S.N. Transgender people, gender identity and gender stereotypes [Electronic resource] // Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya. 2009. N 6(8). URL: (date of access: [in Russian, abstr. in English]


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