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Dubovik Yu.B. Study of psychological well-being in elderly people (in groups aged 55–75 and 75–90)

Full text in Russian: Дубовик Ю.Б. Исследование психологического благополучия в пожилом и старческом возрасте
Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia

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The problem of psychological well-being in elderly people is posed in the study. Changes in psychological well-being levels while aging are analyzed. The sample included subjects aged from 55 to 90 (a total of 87 subjects). Psychological well-being is found to be related to both values peculiarities and temperament properties. Factors contributing to high levels of psychological well-being are identified. It is shown that with aging the structure of psychological well-being in men and women becomes more uniform and the amount of significant relationships between psychological well-being parameters and temperament properties increases.

Keywords: senescence, elderly age, psychological well-being, temperament properties, values


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Received 8 December 2010. Date of publication: 20 February 2011.

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Dubovik Yuliya B. Ph.D. Student, Department of Differential Psychology and Psychophysiology, Russian State University for the Humanities, Miusskaya pl., 6, 125993 Moscow, Russia.
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Dubovik Yu.B. Study of psychological well-being in elderly people (in groups aged 55–75 and 75–90) [Electronic resource] // Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya. 2011. N 1(15). URL: (date of access: 0421100116/0005. [in Russian, abstr. in English]

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