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Sidorov A.V. The typology of psychological features in patients with alimentary obesity

Full text in Russian: Сидоров А.В. Типология психологических особенностей пациентов с алиментарным ожирением
Saint Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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The review of psychological aspects of obesity studies is given. The relationship between body mass index, eating style, psychological characteristics, and family anxiety in men (n = 30) and women (n = 64) with alimentary obesity is studied. The typology of psychological features in patients with alimentary obesity based on differences in eating behavior styles is presented. The goals of psychological counseling specific to each type of patients with obesity are determined on behavior and personality levels.

Keywords: health psychology, eating behavior, obesity, psychological characteristics, typology, psychological counseling


The study was supported by the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program.

Cyrillic letters are transliterated according to BSI standards.

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Received 11 September 2011. Date of publication: 18 February 2012.

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Sidorov Alexander V. Ph.D. Student, Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies, ul. Kirochnaya, 41,191015 Saint Petersburg, Russia.
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Sidorov A.V. The typology of psychological features in patients with alimentary obesity. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2012, No. 1(21), p. 10. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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