Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2015 Vol. 8 Issue 44

Leontiev D.A., Suchkov D.D. Setting and achieving goals as a factor of psychological well-being
Krukova T.L., Grigorova T.P. Destructive attachment in heterosexual adults' relationships: stress and coping aspects
Melnikova O.T., Khoroshilov D.A. The strategies of validation of qualitative research in psychology
Khokhlova L.A. Peculiarities of hemispheric and interhemispheric distribution of coherent communications at foreign speech perception
Pyasik M.M., Vartanov A.V. The perception, memorization and recognition of faces: electrophysiological research of working memory
Pankratova A.A., Osin E.N. Cross-cultural research of emotional control (Russia and Azerbaijan)
Varako N.A., Kondratovich A.M. Effect of the video instruction on understanding of cognitive and behavioral impairments in patients with dysexecutive syndrome by their relatives
Pogozhina I.N. A study of the nature of the relationships between the operational structures levels of logical thinking under transfer from preoperational stage of thinking development to concrete-operational
Dubinsky A.A., Bulygina V.G. Features of the relationship of the perception of illness and the autobiographical memory of patients with schizophrenia who committed socially dangerous acts
Rozhdestvenskiy V.I., Tregubenko I.A. Sex and age features of object-associative structure of schizophrenic patients’ delusion
Fedunina N.Yu. Meaning of train-surfing through the frame of Pierre Janet’s theory of personal development
Novgorodova E.F. The role of perfectionism in subjective well-being of young people

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