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2018 Vol. 11 Issue 57

Manukyan V.R. To the research of individual psychological goal-setting and life-planning characteristics

Full text in Russian: Манукян В.Р. Опыт исследования индивидуально-психологических особенностей целеполагания и жизненного планирования

St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

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The author technique (survey) for study individual characteristics of goal-setting and life planning is discussed, the experience of applying the survey is described. This method combines quantitative and qualitative approaches and basing on individual life purposes analysis allows evaluating different characteristics of goal-setting and life planning. They are the ratio of dreams, expectations and goals in the picture of future, time distance of goals, relatedness with different life spheres, thoughtfulness of ways to achieve goals, level of goals significance, sources of goals emergence, motivational basis of goals, contradiction and interrelatedness of goals system. The results of the study using the survey where 176 adults aging of 18–48 took place, are presented. The results demonstrate high individual variability of the all parameters. Nevertheless the factor analysis revealed six types of life planning (covering 66,3% of dispersion): The detailed goal system based on own needs, The extraneous goals, The long-term planning, The termless planning, The compelled planning, The moderate planning. The types have age and gender specificity. There are significantly more long-term oriented, interrelated, contradictory to each other goals and goals set with advise, admiration or imitation (not founded on own needs) in early adulthood in comparison with middle age. Women are more turned to the future and are characterized by "tactical planning", whereas men are "strategic". Adults with high levels of psychological well-being tend to set goals, which are clear, well thought-out and detailed, based on own needs and have high significance for a person. The experience of using the technique shows its potential for studying individual psychological characteristics of goal-setting and life planning.

Keywords: goal-setting, life planning, system of goals, the diagnosis of goal-setting, the diagnosis of life planning, life purpose



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Received 21 November 2017. Date of publication: 28 February 2018.

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Manukyan Victoria R. Ph.D., Associate Professor, Developmental and Differential Psychology Department, Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University, nab. Makarova, 6, 199034 St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Manukyan V.R. To the research of individual psychological goal-setting and life-planning characteristics. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2018, Vol. 11, No. 57, p. 9. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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