Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2018 Vol 11 Issue 61

Enikolopov S.N, Medvedeva T.I., Vorontsova O.Y., Chudova N.V., Kuznetsova J.M., Penkina M.Y., Minin A.N., Stankevich M.A., Smirnov I.V., Lubavskaya A.A. Linguistic characteristics of texts of mentally ill and healthy people
Korehova M.V., Soloviev A.G., Kirov M.Yu., Novikova I.A. Features of professional burnout syndrome at the doctors anaesthetist
Ulybina E.V., Filippova A.E. The contribution of gender identity and just world belief to the attribution of guilt in inter-gender vertical conflict in an organization
Avanesyan M.O. Alternative autobiographical story as a component of the possible self
Kroz M.V., Ratinova N.A. Value orientations of corrupt criminals
Popova R.R., Bayanova L.F., Veraksa A.N., Kochetkova E.A. Psychological features of recognition of emotions in preschoolers with different levels of cultural congruence
Tkachenko D.P. Changes of emotional intelligence in the process of socialization of adolescents in the stable and crisis periods of the development of society
Ivanova I.V. Socialization of youth in the context of information preferences
Danilenko O.I. Anticipation competency in the system of personal predictors of academic achievements in university students
Polskaya N.A., Mukhametzyanova M.N. Emotion regulation peculiarities in relation to stress and burnout
Orestova V.R., Tkachenko D.P. The reflection of the needs of today's young people through the film preferences and perceptions of superheroes in the conditions of transitivity
Martsinkovskaya T.D. The new aesthetics of transitivity

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