Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2018 Vol 11 Issue 62

Nestik T.A. The attitudes toward global risks among gamers playing different computer games
Kornienko D.S., Baleva M.V., Rudnova N.A. "Good and simple, bad and complex": the perceived image of another and the Dark triad
Burlakova N.S., Oleshkevich V.I. Prospects for integration of social and clinical-psychological conceptual systems for elaboration of systematical cultural-historical research
Chebakova Yu.V., Parshukov A. Yu., Sekova O.S. Features of the processing of social context during generalization in patients with schizotypic disorder
Nasledov A.D., Miroshnikov S.A., Tkacheva L.O. Identification of prognostic markers of developmental delay in 5-year-olds
Zakharova A.V. N.Zhinkin’s thesis for candidate’s degree: content and its place in his scientific career
Pryaznikov N.S., Molchanov S.V., Kirsanov K.A. Moral and value bases of the process of professional self-determination in adolescence
Soldatova G.U., Chigarkova S.V., Kulesh E.V., Tikhomirov M.Yu. Ethnosocial and personal predictors of intercultural communication in residents of Russian cities with different ethnic composition of the population
Tikhomandritskaya O.A., Malysheva N.G., Shaekhov Z.D., Kabalnov N.A. Theoretical interpretation of the relationship between personal values and psychological well-being among high school students
Martsinkovskaya T.D., Kiseleva E.A. Socialization and acculturation in the transitive space
Egorova M.S., Parshikova O.V. General factor of personality
Martsinkovskaya T.D. Psychological aspects of technological society

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