Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2019 Vol. 12 Issue 63

Leontiev D.A., Mospan A.N., Mitina O.V. Elaboration and validation of the feedback sensitivity scale
Rasskazova E.I., Emelin V.A., Tkhostov A.Sch. Cognitive components of radical attitudes and readiness to extreme
Zhuykova E.B., Pechnikova L.S., Ryzhov A.L. Rethinking the psychological assessment of adoptive families from constructivist perspective
Sergienko A.A., Khromov A.I., Zvereva N.V. The results of clustering the data of the neuropsychological study and comparing them with the data of electroencephalography in children and adolescents with mental disorders
Sergienko E.A., Khlevnaya E.A., Vetrova I.I., Migun J.P. Emotional Intelligence: Development of the Russian-language TEI-method (Test of Emotional Intelligence)
Mitina O.V. Perper A.M., Abdullaeva L.Sh. Study of the relationship between personal characteristics and emotional dynamics in prolonged stressful situations
Ulybina E.V. The contribution of age, the nature of relationships and material independence in measuring attachment in women
Huzeeva G.R., Guseltseva M.S. Features of ideas about everyday life in girls and women in a transitive society
Tikhomandritskaya O.A., Malysheva N.G., Shaekhov Z.D., Kabalnov N.A. The role of personal values in the psychological well-being of modern high school students
Alekseeva O.S., Rzhanova I.E. Relationships between values and personality traits
Khoroshilov D.A. Is anthropomorphism a methodological strategy or trap for social psychology?
Pyankova S.D. Subjective estimates of visual complexity and aesthetical appeal of fractal images: individual differences and genetic influences

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