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Bozhovich E.D. Processes of interpretation and differentiation of syntactic constructions in schoolchildren

Full text in Russian: Божович Е.Д. Процессы интерпретации и различения школьниками синтаксических конструкций
Psychological Institute, Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, Russia

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The results of an empirical study of differentiation and interpretation of sentences that are different by their syntactic structure and close or identical by their context in schoolchildren are presented. The study was conducted in the context of the author’s theory of the development of language competence as a psychological system. This system includes three basis components: verbal experience, knowledge about language acquired through learning and linguistic intuition (a sense of language). The method of the individual experiment designed by the author was used. 336 students of VII-X grades took part in the study. Four ways of solving semantic and syntactic problems by schoolchildren were identified. These ways differ depending on a) students’ orientation towards particular signs of the sentence and/or their combination; b) the ratio of knowledge about language acquired through learning and verbal experience content; c) the existence of relationships between language competence and other competences of a language speaker.

Keywords: language competence, verbal experience, knowledge about language, linguistic intuition, nonstandard problem, syntactic structure, interpretation



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Received 21 January 2014. Date of publication: 25 June 2014.

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Bozhovich Elena D. Ph.D., Head of Laboratory of Teaching Psychology, Psychological Institute, Russian Academy of Education,  ul. Mokhovaya, 9, str. 4, 125009 Moscow, Russia; Professor, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, ul. Sretenka, 29, 127051 Moscow, Russia.
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Bozhovich E.D. Processes of interpretation and differentiation of syntactic constructions in schoolchildren. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2014, Vol. 7, No. 35, p. 3. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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