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2017 Vol. 10 Issue 56

Prokhorov A.O. Self-control of mental states in daily, ordinary activity of the person

Full text in Russian: Прохоров А.О. Саморегуляция психических состояний в повседневной, обыденной жизнедеятельности человека

Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

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The research is devoted to the study of everyday life person's mental states self-regulation. The theoretical basis for the study was the system-functional concept of mental states self-regulation, according to which states’ self-regulation is a three-level hierarchical organization based on the individual mental state (functional unit) mechanisms of regulation. The second level of self-regulation is associated with the formation of stable functional complexes that ensure the self-regulation of everyday human states: the prolonged actualization of "prescribed" states with certain parameters from the sign side, quality, intensity, duration, etc. in routine, repetitive situations and conditions of a person's daily life. The functional complex includes the most commonly used methods and techniques for regulating states. A higher level is the integral functional structure of regulation. The study used empirical methods of obtaining information: a freely constructed answer, a questionnaire, a conversation. Attended by 220 people (male and female), professional membership of the average age group. A separate study was devoted to the study of self-regulation of mental states in the daily cycle of everyday life. The study was conducted in two groups of subjects: 20 people in each group, ages 21–34. The first group is students; the second group is employees of a trading company. Subjects were asked to answer questions about negative mental states during the day (every hour) and ways of their regulation. As a result of the study, typical states and typical methods of self-regulation characteristic of everyday human activity were revealed: general and specific methods of regulating different modalities states, features of self-regulation in the daily cycle of life activity. The transient processes in the dynamics from positive to negative states, as well as the methods and techniques of self-control that support these processes.

Keywords: mental state, self-control, system-functional concept, method, dynamics, transient processes



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Received 9 October 2017. Date of publication: 27 December 2017.

About author

Prokhorov Aleksandr О. Ph.D., Professor, Head of General Psychology Department, Institute of Psychology and Education, Kazan Federal University, ul. Mezhlauka, 1, 420021 Kazan, Russia.
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Prokhorov A.O. Self-control of mental states in daily, ordinary activity of the person. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2017, Vol. 10, No. 56, p. 7. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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